Nomination Letters for National – 2017

Posted on May 18, 2017

Note: If you would like your nomination letter included here, please contact us. Please note that inclusion of a letter below does not imply “endorsement” by our chapter or its members.

I want to represent you on the Board of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club. I thought about how I could serve the membership. I immediately knew that I wanted to help our District to grow and for you to be represented.

I have the experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm to be the kind of representative the West District needs. I love to volunteer and help the Club. As a retired teacher I have the organization skills and time. `

After over 30 years of membership and having been on the Board, I know how I can help the West District. I also know we need more members, better Chapter communications, and care for the members we have. I have new ideas to present and I want to know your ideas. Communication is the key.

You are a vital part of the Club and your vote is very important. Please mail the ballot which is in the June’s issue as soon as possible

Thank you,
Sally Vandivort

Ann Bedessem

Hi, I’m Ann Bedessem, President of the Minnesota First Chapter and I am seeking your support for Western District Representative.

I have been a member of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club and the Minnesota First Chapter since 1989. I have served on our local Chapter’s board for approximately 15 years. I attend many Chapter conventions throughout the country and Orlando will be my 22nd National. I have volunteered at most, including the National auction, banquets and newsletter delivery.

As your District Representative I will be YOUR VOICE, bringing any concerns and suggestions to the attention of the Executive Board. I will vote according to your wishes. I will keep you up-to-date and informed of the issues and decisions reached, in a timely manner.

We all make a huge investment in TCCCC financially and physically when attending a National Convention and I want you to feel that your contribution is well worth it. I not only want you leaving with great memories, but with anticipation for the next convention. I feel I can bring renewed energy and
creative ideas to our club. I have been known to think outside the box. You may remember “Live Minnow Racing” at Chapter Night in Springfield, Illinois.

On a personal note for those who don’t know me, my husband Bob and I have been collecting for 35 years. I recently retired after 20 years from LEGO Systems Inc. In my sales position I interacted with all levels of management, from store level to corporate executives of major retailers. This experience has taught me how to work with people who have different needs and accomplish a positive outcome for all those involved.

I have the passion and dedication, but l am asking for your confidence in me to be your Western District Representative.

Thank you,


John Waddell

I am John Waddell and I am asking for your support in reelecting me as your Merchandise Director. I have been a member of The Coca-Cola Collectors Club since 1986 and have held various positions in both the Smoky Mountain Chapter and the Northwest Georgia Chapter. I am currently chairman of the SmokyFest Committee. My duties for the committee include designing and purchasing merchandise for our event. I have attended many national conventions and chapter events in all areas and enjoy visiting with the members and learning about their collections and have a good knowledge of what you members would like.

I feel I am qualified to fill the position of Merchandise Director and promise to bring new ideas to the board. I will listen to any ideas or suggestions that you bring to me and present them to the board and communicate the results back to you. I will seek to find merchandise for the Club Store in hopes to offer a variety of items that will appeal to all the different types of collectors in our organization.

The Club needs a board that will work together in promoting the Club and will find ways to make the conventions and other events fun for all. In having filled this position on the chapter level, I feel I have the skills necessary to do this job. When your ballot arrives please take a moment to vote to make your voice heard and I will appreciate your voting for me as your Merchandise Director. See you in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

John Waddell