Posted on July 11, 2014

The Green Country Chapter of the Coca-Cola Collectors Club, while located mainly in NE Oklahoma, involves members from Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Kansas and Missouri.

Our current chapter had its beginning as a bottle chapter with only 24 members allowed (24 bottles to a case) in 1994. A case of new commemorative bottles was obtained and passed along to each member. In 1996 as new leadership was elected and some members got behind in paying for bottles, the chapter reorganized into an actual Coca-Cola chapter for Coke collectors.

We meet four times per year in late March/April, June, September and December. Meetings are held on Saturday or Sunday afternoons in the Tulsa area as it is a more central location. The first three meetings are at members homes with the fourth being held at a restaurant for our Christmas party.

Food is always involved with our meetings. That is almost as important as having Coca-Cola items to exhibit. The program of the first three meetings consists eating (club furnishes main course with members bringing side dishes), business meeting, Show-N-Tell, planning our fall event and passing out door prizes for everyone. Sometimes there is a raffle for a neat item. The Christmas meeting is a little more special and is attended by more than the other three. We are able to decorate a room at a restaurant. Our members that live more than 75 miles will attend while not being able to make the others because of the distance involved. Gifts are exchanged, door prizes handed out and a special Coca-Cola collectible is given to each member.

We have a fall event, Fall Fever in the Ozarks, every other year in Branson, MO, that we co-sponsor with the Arkansas Chapter. One year it will be in October when the turning leaves are beautiful and the local shows have their regular schedules. The next one is the first weekend in November when the Christmas shows are in full swing and there is spectacular lighting everywhere you look. A welcome party is held on Thursday evening, a silent auction on Friday, Swap meet on Saturday with a closing banquet that evening. We try to leave enough free time so that the local shows can be attended. On the odd years we alternate with the Great Plains Chapter for the “Pause on the Prairie” event in October.

Our chapter is a close knit group and like a family. We laugh together and have a great time but we also hurt together when a problem arises within our family. We are able to keep in contact through quarterly newsletters, emails, website and Facebook. Coca-Cola collectors are some of the best people ever and that definitely includes our members.

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